Letting Go

It was a wet morning in Waialua, being flexible yogis, we moved the class from the outdoor deck indoors to the barn. I was carrying my new mat and there was red dirt everywhere. Immediately, I caught myself thinking… “MY NEW MAT!” My mat is my sacred space, I only recently learned to share this space with others. As I looked around the barn for something to wipe my feet with, Piper the fox terrier ran straight across it and left cute little muddy paw prints all over. I couldn’t help but let out a giggle. In that moment, I was truly present. Fully engaged but detached. I let go, accepted and surrendered to what is. This conscious choice left me feeling lighter. I peeled off another layer of the onion, a layer that I didn’t even know existed. My perspective shifted, I removed the smoke screen of ignorance and realized it is just a mat.

I am grateful for this opportunity to experience Yoga at a Barn. Good vibes.

#yoga #vinyasa #meditate #hilife #808life #goodvibes #studioxliya


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