What is Discipline?

Abhyasa- Vairagyabhyam tan-nirodahah
The restriction of these fluctuations is achieved through practice and discipline.
-Yoga Sutra 1:12

Yoga, a state in which the mind is still, can be achieved by practice (discipline) and detachment. Discipline isn’t about checking off a task or an activity on your to-do list. Quality over quantity. Discipline is when you are completely absorbed in what you are doing, because in that moment you are fully present. Practice then is discipline in action. Do what you can and always do your best. Practice is not about what you get, it is about what you give. Do what is truly possible with an unwavering commitment to giving yourself to that moment. Without this intention, practice becomes another task to be completed and it loses its ability to transform. After all, transformation, or freedom, is the reason for all discipline.

In addition to practicing asanas (physical postures) on your mat, I encourage you to take your practice off the mat. Stay engaged in whatever it is you are doing, driving, cooking, listening to music or relaxing. By cultivating this awareness to be present in all your experiences, you are contributing to being your best self. Remember, practice is about what you can give. Thank you for assisting in raising the Universal vibration. Namaste.


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