Monthly Archives: July 2015

This Moment Matters

Commitment & Dedication to the pursuit. All is coming. Yes, I believe. Thank you Universe. I have been given, yet again. Trust that this moment matters. It’s happening. Right now. Enjoy the present. It truly is a gift.

Lately, I’ve experienced my physical body go through so many changes that only I know of. I’ve felt all kinds of emotions and vibes. I’ve observed myself more closely than I’ve ever before, sometimes being too harsh on myself. I’m so grateful for these new levels of awareness, these moments of clarity. Expanding and growing. It’s amazing to see what I’m attracting into my life – so much love, goodness and positive energy. It’s so exciting to see the pieces of the puzzle fall into place once you let go of control. I’m so in love with this life.

Patience is key. Patience is not about how long you can wait, it is about your attitude while waiting. Just do and all is coming. I challenge you to stay disciplined in giving your 100% to what you are doing, to the moment, to this practice. I give my all to my practice and this in itself is the best reward. Presence. 100% dedication to being, to the pursuit, to this human experience.