About Liya


I once lived a very different life in NYC. I slaved away many moons in the Finance Industry for companies like Lehman Brothers, Lazard Asset Management and Goldman Sachs before calling it quits. Realizing that life is meant to be lived, experienced and cherished. Remembering that each breath we take is precious and how we choose to spend our time is a choice, I let go of the familiar and took a step toward a life that I’ve always dreamed of living. I moved to Oahu’s famous North Shore. It was not easy leaving a city I have lived in for 20 years and saying goodbye to family and friends, but life is about letting go of fears and doubts, making space to fully embrace new opportunities and experiences.

From the trading desk to my yoga mat, from the city that never sleeps to living a country life with the birds and roosters, I have never been happier. I am more rich today than I have ever been because of my daily practice – I live a life full of laughter, happiness and love.

Yoga is about connecting with our breath and being fully present. It is about reuniting our individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. When we remove the ego, we will learn to love and accept ourselves. As we learn to fully accept ourselves, we will cultivate the flexibility to navigate and respond consciously to life’s constant changes and demands with ease and grace.

Our devotion to live our truth and the highest version of ourself will keep us in alignment and raise not only our vibration but that of the world. The change always starts from within.

Class style: Slow Flow, Power Flow, Basics, Yin, Flow/Yin

Certification: RYT 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher via Wanderlust Training.


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