Group Class Descriptions

65 min Vinyasa Flow
A soft yet powerful flow designed to challenge the physical body and strengthen the mind to liberate us from fixed patterns and cultivate new habits. The only constant in life is change, learning how to navigate and respond to change is an art. In this class, you will begin to establish an awareness of your breath and start tuning inward. Still the mind and engage in the present. Discover new perspective and finding balance. You will feel rejuvenated. The heart will start to soften and open up to receive more love and light. Experience life. Live your truth.

75 min Slow Flow and Yin (or 75 min Yin only)
After a sweet Vinyasa Flow, we will explore Yin Yoga. What is Yin Yoga?
For most of us, our connective tissue gets stiffer and more immobile with age. The theory behind Yin Yoga’s approach is that staying muscularly passive for long periods of time gently deepens the vectors of stretch or compression on connective tissue. Yin Yoga is also helpful in clearing genetic asymmetries, repetitive patterns, injuries and/or emotional traumas long held in the body. By tapping the PNS, the very nature of Yin Yoga creates the conditions for a more meditative state. One in which you can become quiet, still, aware of the present moment, and often focused on the breath.

75 min Power Flow
This fast paced flow is designed to move the body energetically. It will physically challenge your body through a sequence of standing and seated postures including twists and core workout. We find ways to mentally stay strong by connecting and controlling our breath, finding ease to gracefully flow through these difficult poses. It is this connection of the mind and body we seek in yoga; being in tune with the self, feeling grounded and balanced both on and off the mat.


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