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Wedding Day YOGA

When I think about weddings in Hawaii, I see the beautiful ocean, Lush green valleys, blue sky and white clouds. I envision peace and tranquility. When I think about yoga, I feel relaxed, calm and happy.

My intention is to offer a more memorable experience for the Bride and Groom.

I offer Private Yoga Class for the couple on their Wedding day. Yoga practitioners understand the importance and benefits of grounding. On this special and most likely hectic and stressful day, it is important to savor each moment and not get caught up with the little things that may not go according to plan or expectation. During the yoga practice, the Bride and Groom are given the opportunity to let go and take a moment to check-in with their body and relax the mind. I promise to spice it up with some sweet love🙂 The class will help to settle the nerves and adrenaline; with each deep breath leading to conscious awareness of staying in the present and truly enjoy every minute of this special day.

I am also available to teach a larger class to including family, bridal party and friends.

Click here for more info: Wedding Yoga

Retreat Class
I offer retreat style private/group classes at 2 locations on the North Shore. You can choose to practice at THE LAND at the base of Mt. Ka’ala in Waialua or at this gorgeous house on the North Shore of O’ahu, situated high on the Pupukea mountain overlooking the ocean. Take a class flowing and meditating to the sounds of the waterfall and birds either poolside, on the lanai, or in the beautiful garden next to the koi pond.

Corporate Classes & Group Classes also available.
Click here for more info: Private Single & Group Classes

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For all inquires, please email


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